Why You Should Visit Ladakh Next Summer ?

Ladakh is considered as the world’s highest desert. It is located at an average height of 3100 meters above sea level. Air is very thin at that high altitude . Leh city was established during the 4th century by the King of Ladakh. This region is generally a No Mans Land with most of the population concentrated around Leh only. Recently government has started building the Rohtang tunnel which will reduce the travel time by road up to 5 hours.This place is cold even during summers and it is mostly frequented by biker groups and couples.

How to reach Leh Ladakh from Delhi?

There are just two access roads to Leh :- One is the highway between Srinagar and Leh and the other is Leh – Manali highway.The latter route is mostly used by bikers and rest of India to reach Leh. It was the capital of ancient kingdom of Ladakh. Famous Rohtang Pass lies on this route , it is 500 kilometers from Manali and thousand kilometers from Delhi.[adrotate group=”1″]

  • By Air

Leh has an airport which is well-connected with Delhi Airport.There are daily flights and ticket cost between 6000 to 8000 rupees.

  • By Bus

There are no direct buses between Delhi and Leh , however if you are travelling from Srinagar side , there are state transport buses available.

  • By Cab/Private Vehicle

Private taxis ply between Delhi and Leh , they charge around rupees 12000 to rupees 30000 and higher depending on the type of vehicle you are using. Remember Rohtang Pass is closed during winters.

  • By Train

No trains routes exist even upto Manali.

 Best Way to reach Leh from Delhi:-

Best way to reach Leh would be via Air as it is cheaper and fast . However you could suffer from Acute mountain syndrome due to thin air , so consult a doctor before heading to Leh.

What are some of the Best Tourist Attractions in”x”?

Ladakh is a desert ,a beautiful one. Since this area lies in a rain shadow area , there is completely zero greenery around here.However this cold desert is a gem in itself and you can enjoy the unique  picturesque around Ladakh on your way to Leh. It is an amazing journey.

  • Religious Tourist destinations 
  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Sun Temple
  3. Hemis Monastery
  4. Thiksey Monastery
  5. Spituk Monastery


  • Historical Tourist destinations 

There are several Historical monumnets exist in Leh and around Ladakh because of the fact that it was an ancient capital and a spot of Buddhist movements.Some of these historical monuments are Leh Palace ,Stok Palace Museum and Stok Palace .

  • Sightseeing Activities around Leh

Every piece of land and hill you see Is a sight in itself , such is the magnitude of the beauty of Leh and Ladakh. There are several lakes which further add to the beauty of this place like the Pangong Lake, Suru Valley created by the Suru River and Zanskar Valley

What is the Best Time to visit Leh, Ladakh ?

LehLeh and Ladakh are only capable of being visited during summer months of May , June and July . Rest of the year it is difficult to stay in Leh and it is not suggested to stay over . Also have an appointment with a doctor before visiting Ladakh.

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