Shekawati Region of Rajasthan

Adjoining Alwar in Rajasthan is the Shehkawat Region in Rajasthan,it was ruled by the shekhwat Rajputs. A small area of rajasthan comes under this region, which is enclosed on the north by Haryana and on the south by Jaipur and Alwar. This region is a collection of Mini Forts, mosques, wells, frescos, temples and Haveils. This weekend getaway near Delhi is suggested for Art Lovers, people with interest in History.

How to reach Shekawati Region: –

Since all the locations in this region are scattered all over it is suggested to hire a vehicle. [adrotate group=”1″]There are a few good resorts for overnight stay.

Best time to visit Shekawati region of Rajasthan: –

Stay away during the winter; I would prefer to visit during October – February period.

Tourist Attraction: –

The list is long. Every place I mention below can serve as weekend getaway in itself and you can spend entire weekend over the single place, but if you ar one of those people who like drive on vacant roads I would suggest to pick a few locations from below and visit them. Some of the places are quite secluded, hence would be preferable for couples for a quick romantic escape.

Bagar, Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Mandwa and Fatehpur. There is horse riding available in Dundlod Cavalry and Shekhawati Horse Brigade at Nawalgarh.

It is suggested to pick a few locations and plan them beforehand, tough this is a nearest getaway but it covers a huge area and it can be quite confusing regarding which places to visit.

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