11 Romantic Places near Delhi NCR for Couples

Delhi is full of various places, parks, eateries and other points of interest where you can enjoy some exclusive time with your loved ones. However, occasionally you would like to spend a few days or a weekend for a romantic getaway :wink to catch up with your significant other. It is a well known fact that spending time with your loved ones helps you to know them better and also has a lasting effect on your relationship , so we have prepared a list of destinations perfect for a romantic getaway for couples near Delhi.

These Honeymoon destinations are mostly unheard of or have a limited amount of tourists visiting them; most of these places are secluded in the lap of nature yet perfectly safe to visit. You would not encounter any peeping toms or cheesy commentators, making them a perfect place for couples to have a romantic time together. The following list has been sorted according to the distance from Delhi and budget.


Romantic Places within 100 kilometers from Delhi NCR

We start the list by destinations which can be visited throughout the year, they are coincidentally nearest to Delhi :-

Damdama Lake: This Lake is actually a reservoir built by British govt. It is spread over 3000 acres and is full only during the monsoon. However you can enjoy the serene and quiet environment throughout the year with your loved ones. There are few other attractions nearby such as a hot water spring and a few temples. It is 45 Kilometres from Dhaulakuan. There are three resorts around the lake including a government maintained Sariska resort. The other worth mentioning resort is The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake; this resort is fully loaded with services and features. Full list over here.

Tilyar Lake: This Lake is located in Rohtak , Haryana . Tilyar Lake has a resort within it which has to be pre-booked. Major attraction is boating which can take up to an entire day. Other attractions are a mini zoo and theme park. We would recommend it for a night stay over a weekend.

Surajkund: Is an ancient reservoir which is accessible from both Gurgaon-Faridabad road and also from Mathura road (NH-2).This place is located on vast patch of green in the lap of Aravali hills, with no building in sight for kilometres. It is difficult to find such locations in NCR anymore .There are several hotels in the vicinity of the actual surajkund , our favourite is Vivanta .

Neemrana Fort Palace: This is the new upcoming popular destination among the young couples of NCR. Neemrana Fort Palace is situated in Alwar District of Rajasthan. It is around 150 Kilometres from Delhi and 120 KM’s from Gurgaon. This fort is built on a small hill top which gives you one of the best views of Rajasthan. Hotel authorities also provide tourists with outdoor activities. Full list of facilities is listed here.


Romantic Getaways for couples from Delhi within 300 Kilometers

Next Set of destinations are mostly in Rajasthan and suitable for a romantic getaway only during the winters. We are ignoring Agra and Jaipur as they need no mention ,tough there are certain hotels and resorts in both cities which are great for couples but not listing them as they are very expensive and out of the reach for most of the people .

Bharatpur sanctuary: – Kealadeo Bird Sanctuary is around 220 Kilometres from Delhi & on a good day you can reach in just 3 hours. This sanctuary is full of dense fauna and medium sized shrubs. But the real star of this weekend destination are Migratory birds which are the only noises you will hear making it a perfect destination for couples .Checkout some resorts in Bharatpur .

Hotels in Shekawati Region:- Shekawati region  is a gold mine for tourists looking for a classical Rajasthani getaway in haveli’s and former mini-forts of Rajasthan . Most of the Haveli’s are scattered through out the Rajasthan and need to pre booked before visiting .


Hill Station Destinations for Couples

Finally the more popular summer destinations i.e. Hill Stations. With the increasing appetite of a average Indian traveller most of these Hill stations can be great place for weekend break for Couples even during winters, Especially if you are a fan of Snowfalls. Here we have already assimilated a full list of hill stations near Delhi and are only listing a few handful ones below

Lansdowne :- I suggest visiting this small army town before it gets commercialized . It is a completely peaceful place with several building of British Era which would be enough to keep you entertained over a weekend .

Naukuchiatal: Is a small place around a lake with nine corners. This area is completely covered with dense forest and temperature never goes above 20 degrees even during Summers, making it a another great place in our list of romantic getaways .It is around 35 Km’s from Dehradun and 320 kilometers from Delhi.

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