Don’t Hold Back Your Vacations in Pachmarhi

Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh ?  Is this question holding you back from visiting this gem of a Hill station ? Well then You are wrong. Pachmarhi is a very clean , quiet and less commercialized Hill station near Delhi. It is also the only Hill Station in the entire Central India. Pachmarhi is at an average height of 1100 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by hills of Satpura from all sides. This holiday destination is well suited for couples and tourists with family. Pachmarhi is a very clean and pollution free  hill station , that will help you in recharging , and realizing your maximum potential.

How to reach Pachmarhi from Delhi?

Pachmarhi is around 880 Kilometers from Delhi. Pachmarhi is still to achieve its maximum potential as a tourist spot because the government has still not established decent infrastructure here. [adrotate group=”1″]It is also not well-connected to nearby areas in Madhya Pradesh.

  • By Air

Gwalior is the nearest Airport which is itself 400 kilometers far . So if you are planning to visit here via air a BIG NO!!!However you can reach Bhopal via air and take a private cab to reach Pachmarhi

  • By Bus

You can take a bus from Delhi to either Bhopal or Gwalior , and then take a private taxi from these destinations to Pachmarhi.

  • By Cab/Private Vehicle

A private taxi from Delhi NCR will take around 10000-15000 rupees to reach here. I suggest you keep that taxi with yourself to travel around Pachmarhi .Not much transport is available within the city so this could be a great way to travel within the city.

  • By Train

Nearest railway station is Pipariya which is 47 kilometers from this hill station. There are buses which ply between the cities regularly. Private taxis charge 1000 rupees to reach here. Only New Delhi Jabalpur Super express plies between Pipariya and Delhi.

 Best Way to reach “x” from Delhi:-

Best way to reach Pachmarhi would be by train and a subsequent taxi ride, as it both cheap and convenient . Train takes around 12 hours .

What are some of the Best Tourist Attractions in”x”?

There are several tourist spots in and around Pachmarhi. There are several caves , waterfalls ,temples and sightseeing opportunists available . Following is  brief description of each.

  • Religious Tourist destinations 
  1. Christ Church
  2. Mahadeo Temple
  3. Pandava Caves
  4. Jata Shankar Cave
  5. Chauragarh temple
  • Historical Tourist destinations 

Bison Lodge is the oldest structure in Satpura hills made during the British times. It is still standing strong.

What Activities can be done ?

This destination is a heaven for Nature loving , photographers and people who love to gaze at greenery. Some of the natural features found in this area are not found anywhere else in India. There are waterfalls and other sightseeing places which provide a divine experience.

  • Sightseeing Activities around “x”
  1. Satpura National Park
  2. Apsara Vihar
  3. Dhoopgarh The Highest point in all of Satpura hills
  4. Duchess Falls
  5. Mahadeo Hills
  6. Bee Falls
  7. Handi Koh Among the few rare ravines found in India


Lanjee Giri is famous for hill climbing and other adventure sports. It is just 5 kilometers from Pachmarhi.

What is the Best Time to visit “x” ?

Pachmarhi is one such tourist hill station that can be visited throughout the year. Temperature is moderate for maximum part of the year.However the vacations to Pachmarhi can be best enjoyed during September and October.

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