Mount Abu Tourist Guide

Mount Abu derives its name from the “Arbuda Serpent God” who used to reside here. Now Mount Abu is among the fastest  growing Hill station near Delhi.Area surrounding  Abu is a high plateau with Guru Shikhar as the highest point in these Aravali mountains at a height of 1700 meters. Average height of Abu is 1200 meters. Climate here quite  pleasant throughout the year and temperature ranges from 13 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius .Mount Abu is famous among couples and families from Delhi NCR. Mount Abu is famous for its greenery in the middle of desert , high altitude lakes and Jain temples.

How to reach Mount Abu from Delhi?

Mount Abu is 700 Kilometers from Delhi , it is connected to almost all major cities in west India making it a popular getaway destination. Choose how you want to travel to  Mount Abu from Delhi from the list below .[adrotate group=”1″]

  • By Air :- Nearest Airport is in Udaipur , which is 200 kilometers away . Private taxis and buses are available from there . Journey can last around 5 to 6 hours . Flights to Udaipur from Delhi are costly and not that frequent.
  • By Bus :- Private buses are available directly between Mount Abu and Delhi. Ticket costs around rupees 500 -1500 , journey lasts around 12- 14 hours.
  • By Cab/Private Vehicle :- You can also use your own private vehicle to reach Mount Abu , however journey can be quiet long so you should hire  a driver . Taxis charge at a rate of Rupees 10-25 per kilometer depending on vehicle and Ac/Non-AC . Journey in car takes around 10 hours .
  • By Train:- Abu road is the nearest train station , which is 22 kilometers from the main Tourist spot. Rajdhani Express has a stopover at Abu. Journey is train lasts for 10 hours up-to Abu in Rajdhani and slower in other trains.

 Best Way to reach Mount Abu from Delhi:-

You can choose either the road (private  car ) or the train route for a comfortable , cheap and quick journey.

What are some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu ?

Mount Abu is blessed with serene natural beauty in the midst of desert just like an oasis . It is famous for its religious tourist spots  apart from its nature’s gift.

  • Religious Tourist destinations  :- Mount Abu is famous for its Jain Temples . Dilwara Temples , Adhar Devi Temple and Sri Raghunathji Temple are some of the famous temples which are must visit places .
  • Other Destinations:-Following are a few other  interesting destinations around Mount Abu which can be visited while you are there.The List is as follows :-
    1. Museum & Art Gallery
    2. Achalgarh
    3. Toad Rock The most famous rock in Abu 😛
  • Sightseeing Places :- There are several sightseeing and picnic places in Mount Abu due to the abundance of lakes around it and the high altitude . Most of these places are fully fledged resort with a good amount of infrastructure for a picnic
    1. Guru Shikhar
    2. Nakki Lake
    3. Wildlife Sanctuary
    4. Abu Road
    5. Sun Set Point

What is the Best Time to visit Mount Abu ?

Mount Abu can be visited throughout the year , but could avoid it during January and June as nights are chilly and days are a bit hot respectively during these months.
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