Lansdowne Travel Guide

Lansdowne was former British cantonment .It now comes in Garhwal district of Uttarakhand .Now Garhwal Rifles are based there. It is one of the prime examples of eco-tourism in India.Lansdowne similar to other hill stations has a market in the centre of city , which is also the centre of all the tourism activity .
If you are coming from Kotdwara via a cab or jeep , they will drop you over here and you will have to hire another cab to reach your hotel or nearby tourist attractions .

How to reach Lansdowne: –

[adrotate group=”1″]Kotdwara is the nearest train station to which Lansdowne. It is around 270 Kms from Delhi. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach, and according to me the nearest hill station to Delhi which is not so much frequented by people. Kotdwara can also be reached by buses and taxi .

Best time to visit Lansdowne: –

Weather during March and June is very pleasant. Snowfalls occur during winter and it can be very cold during winters. Devout Shiv Worshippers can visit during the Mahashiv Ratri , as celebrations quite grand and worth enjoying.

Places to visit: –

Following are some of the tourist attractions of Lansdowne :-
St. Mary’s Church and St. John’s Church are one of the oldest churches in India established by the Britishers .

Tip-n-Top is a like a sunset and sunrise point of Lansdowne , you can view the tranquilty of himalayas .
Bhulla Taal is a lake which is surrounded by mountains on all side .

Regimental Museum Since this a epicentre of Garhwal rifles regiment of Indian army , this museum is dedicated to them .

I might not be wrong if I call Lansdowne the city of temples , the town has 5-6 major temples in the vicinity. They are as follows :-
Durga Temple and Kaleshwar Temple which are about a kilometre away from main market .
Santoshi Mata Temple is arounf 4 kilometres away from main market while Tarakeshwar Temple and Jwalapa Devi temple are on the outskirts of the city , approximately 35-40 kms away . Plan almost an entire day if you want to visit them .
While a part of journey to Bhairon Gandhi temple has to be covered by foot , so I won’t suggest it to groups who have adult people in them .

Weather in Lansdowne , India :- December to February are characterized by very cold winters , subzero temperatures and occasional snowfall . It is great to visit for rest of the year ,even during June and July as it is barely touched by commercialization .


  1. do we have any good hotels there or place to stay??

    • DelhiTourist says:

      yes there are 3-4 good hotels over there .Shanti raj resort and tip-n-top huts would be my pic, but Don’t expect 5 star quality and good food .

  2. kay tuli says:

    how does one get to Lansdowne from Kotdwara station?How much would a taxi cost from the station ?

    • DelhiTourist says:

      there are state transport buses , when We went three taxis cost a total of 3000 rupees . Actually taxi drivers have a monopoly over there , you have to pay whatever they ask you to pay .

  3. dr Bhasin says:

    guide me about good hotels in lansedown

  4. aditya says:

    How is the present climate in lansdownss.

    • DelhiTourist says:

      Massive rains are currently lashing the hills of uttarakhand . I would suggest to wait till September .

  5. which is the best hill station to go nearest to delhi for a 3 day trip by public transport in august

    • DelhiTourist says:

      for a 3 day trip I would suggest Dehradun and nearby hill stations. It can be easily traveled to by public transport.

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