Warning: You are Missing Something by Not Visiting Auli

Auli is located in the Hills of  Joshimath district of Uttrakhand in North India. This place is the hotspot of  Winter Games in India and South Asia.This tourist spot is 3000 meters above sea level and covered with snow throughout the year. Auli is a favorite tourist spot among corporate teams who are interested in team building activities as well as release their staff of work pressure and couples who are looking for some alone time.

How to reach Auli from Delhi?

Auli is located at a distance of 500 kilometers from Delhi. [adrotate group=”1″]There are no direct transport routes available between Auli and Delhi or between any other major city . You will have to first reach a lower destination and then hire a private vehicle to reach here.

  • By Air

The nearest Airport is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport ,it is 175 kilometers from Auli. So I don’t suggest to reach here via air as the time you will gain by reaching Dehradun will be lost when you travel in the hilly terrains of Uttrakhand.

  • By Bus

There is no direct transport available between Auli and Delhi , however both government and deluxe buses are available to Joshimath which is 15 kilometers away. From Joshimath you can hire a private vehicle who charge around 300-400 rupees .

  • By Cab/Private Vehicle

If you are travelling during winter I don’t suggest you use your own vehicle as the terrain is very rough and it can be very difficult to drive on snow covered roads.Generally can charges vary from 6000-10000 rupees depending on the vehicle .

  • By Train

Auli Doesn’t have a railway station nearest ones are Kotdwara and Kathodgam railway stations. which are themselves almost 300 kilometers away from Auli. So I don’t suggest visiting this place via train either.

 Best Way to reach Auli from Delhi:-

According to us best way to travel would be via Bus to Joshimath and hiring a cab from here for further travel. Or travelling in a private vehicle from Delhi .Make sure you hire an expert driver.


What are some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Auli”?

Auli is mostly Known for its snow sports as mentioned above. There are few tourist spots worth visiting around Auli apart from resorts which offer adventure sports.

  • Religious Tourist destinations 
  1. Vishnu Prayag which is 30 Kilometers from Here.
  2. Badrinath
  3. Tapovan
  • Other Destinations

Some other destinations are Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar caves and Chattarkund lake known for its sweet water.

What Activities can be done around Auli ?

There are several opportunities available to tourists for both adventurous activities and sightseeing the Himalayan Flora , fauna and peaks.

  • Sightseeing Activities

People who like gazing at nature will like the following spots for sightseeing:-

  1. Trishul Peak
  2. Bhavishya Badri . This should be in religious spots list , but its surroundings are pure divine.
  3. Gurso Bugyal
  4. Chenab Lake
  5. Auli Artificial Lake
  • Adventurous Activities 

This is the part why you must definitely visit Auli. There is a Skiing resort , you can enjoy cable cars for over 3 kilometres and Trekking.You can also do boating in the lakes during summer.

What is the Best Time to visit Auli ?

Auli is mostly suggested to be visited during summers only, it is covered in Snow even during winters. Avoid travelling during winter or during snow fall as access roads to Auli tend to get blocked.

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