8 Amazing Srinagar Sightseeing Places & Guide

Srinagar , a hotspot for sightseeing provides a different aspect of its beauty in each Season .

You must visit Srinagar or Kashmir once during Winter for snow , in March for leave-less trees , during Summer for flowers and in September for the ripening season of Kashmir .

It is suggested to spend a Maximum of 1 day on a Srinagar sightseeing tour .

Here we dissect various Srinagar Sightseeing places according to season they should be visited .


Dal Lake

Dal lake , the icon of Srinagar is the most important destination to be visited in Srinagar Sightseeing itinerary .  Boating on Shikara boats is an experience in itself . Surroundings of Dal Lake  will be golden around March , white during winter and colorful during summer .

Dal Lake looks completely different during Night due to the lighting  on House Boats in Dal lake .

There are some amateur  water sports available too. General pricing of Shikara boats ranges around 600-1000 rupees depending upon whether its peak or off season .

Except for winters when Dal Lake freezes due to sub zero temperatures , it is an evergreen sightseeing place .


Shankaracharya Temple

Built by a Indian army colonel , it takes approximately 250 odd steps to reach to the top of this temple .

Shankracharya Mandir

Shankracharya Mandir , Srinagar

This temple can be seen from almost anywhere in Srinagar as it is built on the highest hill top within the city of Srinagar . Even if you aren’t religious visit this temple for the scenic view of Kashmir valley it offers . For security reasons no electronic items are allowed on within temple ,so you will have to keep all your luggage in your taxi or car .

This Srinagar tourist attraction can be visited anytime during the year.

Pari Mahal

Some 10 kilometers from the center of Srinagar is the  Pari Mahal built during Mughal time . It is usually visited along with Chashme Shahi and Nishat Bagh due to their close proximity on any Srinagar Sightseeing entourage .

It is actually a collection of gardens built in steps/terraces . With each garden at a different height from the other . Pari Mahal offers a panoramic view of the zig zagging Jhelum river , the extent dal lake and basically entire Srinagar .

Chashme Shahi

Chasme Shahi

Chasme Shahi

As mentioned before Chashme Shahi  lies between the road connecting Pari Mahal and Srinagar . This Chasma Shashi ( The Royal Spring) is garden built around a Clean water spring by the Mughal’s .

This garden has a influence of Persian architecture . During summers this garden is surrounded by yellow and purple flowers , we visited it during March hence nothing much to report more .

Nishat Bagh

If you are not a flower enthusiast , I suggest you pick either Nishat or Shalimar Garden for your Srinagar Sightseeing tour . Shalimar is the bigger one .

If you want to enjoy this beauty of Kashmir you must visit after April ,otherwise all you will see is naked stems .

Nishat garden is built on 12 terraces and has over 300,000 Tulips when it is not snowing , it is also lined up with chinar trees on the boundary .

Shalimar Bagh

The biggest garden in Kashmir valley is another tourist spot and visited by almost everyone who is on a sightseeing tour in Srinagar .This garden has a more variety of flowers than Nishat and is also built differently from it .I found this garden much more beautiful , its location was also interesting as it seems to just lie on the footsteps of mountain .

Both these huge gardens lie on the back side of Dal Lake .

The Hazratbal Shrine

Kashmir’s holiest place. Muslims believe that the hair of Prophet is stored here .(bal meaning hair). It is also located on the banks of Dal Lake . No sightseeing tour is complete without a visit to this Shrine .


Wular Lake

Both Dal Lake and Wular lake are connected , with Dal lake being more popular . If you have ridden Shikara you might find this lake monotonous . Also I found Wular to be a dull version of Dal lake , but it is less commercialized and the more peaceful tone

Finally to end your Srinagar Sightseeing tour you can spend some time at night back on Dal Lake for dinner . There are plenty of hotels opposite to Dal lake which provide all kinds of Indian and Kashmiri food .

Some more pics from the Srinagar Sightseeing tour we enjoyed in March .

Rates and Buses of Srinagar Sightseeing .

Mostly Srinagar Sightseeing is sold as a part of package for entire Kashmir tour . If you want to hire a private taxi for sightseeing cost will be around rupees 2000 for smaller cars to 10,000 rupees for 12 seater Traveller . Contact us if you want to make a booking / make an inquiry regarding this .

Dal Lake Panoroma

dal lake

Dal lake Sceneray

Srinagar Sightseeing

Beautiful Dal lake


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