27 Amazing Places to Visit Near Delhi NCR

Delhi has a plethora of various kinds of tourist places around it which are enough to satisfy the demands of almost entire spectrum of tourists. Also from a traveler’s point of view Delhi is strategically located at a equal distance from almost all tourist destinations of North India. Here we tried to list some of the best places to visit near Delhi , we have split the huge list into several sub lists which are specific to a certain category of tourist destinations. This list of tourist places around Delhi contains destinations idle for 1 day picnic to a full fledged weekend getaway near Delhi.

Here is a full table of all places to visit around Delhi.

If you are looking for a 1 day picnic around Delhi then here is a list of Picnic spots near Delhi ,it includes amusement parks , lakes etc around Delhi also here  is a list of parks in Delhi which are good for spending some time in peace or with your family . These picnic spots are within 100 Kilometers of Delhi .

Delhi also has a host of weekend getaways destinations in the vicinity which are good for corporate tours and families, you can do various kind of activities such as camping , rock climbing etc at these weekend getaways  . Also here is a list of Romantic places near Delhi which are recommended for couples . These weekend getaways near Delhi are good for relaxing with your loved ones over the weekend as you can easily reach these tourist spots by Friday night or Saturday morning and return to Delhi NCR by the time you have to go for office on Monday as they are within 300 Kilometers.


If you are fed up of the heat of Delhi during summers or are a fan of snowfall during winters you might want to visit one of the hill station near Delhi . Most of the hill stations near Delhi are in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and can take upto 12 hours to reach your destination , Hence they are suggested for 3-4 day or longer vacation . It is best if you try to visit a cluster of towns in a single vacation .


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