Amazing Old Delhi Sightseeing Places

Old Delhi or walled city was established during 17th century by Mughal emperor Shahjahan and made this city his capital . Old Delhi has several monuments which are worth visiting in a mini Old Delhi Sightseeing tour which should take less than a day . These monuments show the art , architecture and heritage of the Mughal Era in Old Delhi . Walled city is located on the banks of Yamuna and surrounded by walls from all sides with gates serving as the only entrances into the city , tough in  modern times it is quite difficult to separate it from rest of Delhi due to rapid development . Tough crowded Old Delhi Sightseeing is still suggested because it represents an important piece of history of both India and Delhi . A tour of Old Delhi should not take  more than 4 to 5 hours .

Tourist spots to visit in your Old Delhi Sightseeing Tour .

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Red Fort – This Fort was also built by Shah Jahan and was the residence of several Mughal Emperors till the end of Mughal Dynasty , now from this place on every Independence Day , Indian prime minister gives a speech to the nation .It is a UNESCO World Hertigae site .Red Fort is a prominent structure in old Delhi as it occupies most of the space in the walled area . it has become a iconic monument in modern India in terms of heritage , history and politics . Which makes it a perfect attraction to visit during Old Delhi sightseeing .

old delhi red fort

Jama Masjid – Among the oldest mosques in India built by Shahjahan around 1650 , the  Shahi Imam of Jama masjid is a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad . You must visit Jama  Masjid in your Old Delhi  Sightseeing tour because it is a great example of merger of Arabic , Jain and Hindu arts which is depicted in its minarets , gates , etc . It is built mainly from red sandstone .

Eateries of Chandini Chowk – A visit to Old Delhi is useless if you don’t enjoy the exotic and tasty Indian cuisines of Chandini Chowk . Chandini Cowk and Chawari Bazar areas are famous for its street food which is spicy and tangy and also Mughlai and vegetarian food .Chandini Chowk as Paranthe wali Gali , Ghnatewala Halwai  and Karim’s which is the most famous shop for Mughlai Food in entire India . Kebabs and Chicken is a must try while on your Old Delhi Sightseeing tour .

Other important tourist spots are :-

  1. Ghalib Ki Haveli :- Urdu & Persin poet Mirza Galib’s residence.
  2. Razia Sultana’s Tomb (Only female ruler of Delhi )
  3. RajGhat- Enjoy some peace at Mahatma Gandhi’s cremation site.
  4. St. James Church- It is  India’s Oldest Church built by British people.

There are several other small haveli’s inside the walled city which are also historical important and worth a visit .

Old Delhi lies in the heat of Delhi and is well connected from all sides with rest of the Delhi , connectivity has been increased with advent of Delhi Metro inside the walled city . If you are planning to visit Old Delhi for a sightseeing tour , I suggest you should avoid taking a huge vehicle as streets are quite small and overcrowded . I suggest to take either a Metro or park a car near by and then take a rickshaw to travel around in Old Delhi.

Contact us if you want a custom old Delhi Sightseeing tour planned , or want to hire a Guide for the tour .



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